Going to a different place for treatment requires a lot of support and confidence building. The patient would take that important step ahead only when he or she gets enough confidence about the doctor and the treatment facilities. It is the right of the patient to know straight away from the doctor regarding the kind of the treatment one is expected to undergo and the various issues connected to it. Hence the international patients can have an interaction with their doctor online for which the website provides the necessary tools.

Make sure that you fill in the details of contact carefully. The column for phone numbers and e-mail addresses need to be re-checked.

When the brief history of patient’s illness is received, co-ordinators would also ask for relevant details of scans, X-rays or other medical reports that can be provided. The expert at Renai would work on it and provide information about the relevant treatment. A counselling session will be arranged for the expert and the patient to interact either over phone or through e-mail.

If the treatment package devised at Renai with the expert’s inputs is acceptable to the patient, they can indicate their willingness to us. The package would involve all the cost details of the treatment, the number of days at the hospital and the number of days in Kochi that would be required.

Hospital Accommodation, hotel booking if necessary, Airport pickup and other assistance will be provided by Renai.

After the treatment, the patient is discharged with an advice for follow-up assistance and future appointments.

Operation Theatres

Our fourth generation Operation theatres are at par with the bests in the world.


There are more than 120 ICU beds for various surgical and medical specialties.

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The fast pace of modern life leaves little time to keep a check on health.

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