The audiology and speech pathology department at Renai Medicity is a part of our Learning & Behavioural centre and can provide state-of-the-art services.

Advanced speech pathology services are provided in all areas of speech, language, hearing, communication disorder which include delay in speech & language articulation errors, fluency disorders, cerebral palsy, selective mutism, & trainings for autism, mentally retarded to improve vegetative skills, pre linguistics skills, reading & writing. Audiology services at Renai Medicity serve individuals who have experienced various degrees of hearing loss & middle ear Pathology & new born screening test.

At Renai Medicity, we use a joint, multidisciplinary approach involving advanced instrumentation that guarantee the most precise and useful diagnostic and therapeutic measurements for patients.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive Audiological Assessment
  • Paediatric Audiometry
  • Central Auditory Processing Assessment
  • Hearing Aid Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Speech/Language Disorder
  • Voice Disorders
  • Cognitive-Linguistic Disorders
  • Fluency Disorders
  • Motor Speech Disorders
  • Adult Language Disorders
  • Speech Disorders of Head & Neck

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