Ayurveda, the knowledge of life and longevity is the oldest known Indian system of natural and holistic medicine. ‘Ayu’ means ‘life’ and ‘Veda’ means ‘science’. In real sense, it is the science of our entire life. Literarily, it focuses on uninterrupted physical, mental and spiritual well being by addressing the person as a whole and not just the disease.

This pure science believes that human body is absolutely governed by three fundamental principles “Vata, Pitta, Kapha”. An imbalance of these causes illness in mind as well as body. Ayurveda treatments help to restore this imbalance with a psycho-somatic approach.

Renai Ayurveda is a fully fledged treatment centre led by highly qualified and experienced Ayurveda doctors, skilled therapists and other technical staff. Our daily available outpatient services cater to patients with different ailments for consultation, treatment and follow-up. The inpatient facilities are carefully designed taking in to consideration the ambience and comfort so as to best enjoy the true benefits of Ayurveda treatments. Ayurveda procedure rooms in traditional decor and ambience are equipped with state-of-the art facilities. Exclusive Ayurveda pharmacy is well stocked with time tested medicines which have cured a million.

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