Do you think your memory is failing you? Then its time you visit our Memory clinic!

There is no age which does not complain about memory problems. However the reasons may be different in each age group. In children it may be due to lack of attention, concentrating abilities or learning disabilities while in adults it may be due to stress at work place or in family, anxiety or depression. In the elderly it is mostly due to evolving dementia or other causes of cognitive decline.

Irrespective of your age we can help you with your memory problems. The diagnosis is very important as the therapies change vastly.

Memory clinic is a multi disciplinary clinic utilising the services of child and adult Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians and Neurologists.

Patients with Dementia are followed up in the clinic with regular assessment with cognitive scales and also interventions. Care giver burden is also assessed and appropriately managed.

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