Once the doctor gives instructions to discharge, the formalities and arrangements for the patient to leave the hospital would require more than an hour or so. The usual practice at Renai Medicity is to discharge patients around 11am but the doctor can agree to discharge the patient at any time if it is medically appropriate during the hospital administration’s working hours. The patient is requested to settle the expenses of the hospital stay before getting discharged. We will give a detailed discharge summary signed by the respective doctors and a nurse will brief the patient and the bystander on the care needed at home. A schedule for the next consultations would also be given to the patient. Please contact the Hospital concierge service for taxi arrangements.

Operation Theatres

Our fourth generation Operation theatres are at par with the bests in the world.


There are more than 120 ICU beds for various surgical and medical specialties.

Health & Lifestyle

The fast pace of modern life leaves little time to keep a check on health.

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