All across India there has been a growth in the field of medicine. Some of the premier institutions in India especially in Mumbai and Chennai, had earned themselves a stamp in the world early on. The world fraternity of medical experts had started taking note. It was these institutions that created some world class treatment centres and they inspired too. Inspired the Governments in various states and entrepreneur doctors who thought big with a vision.

From the centres of excellence located in only a few major metropolitan cities, it spread out to many more smaller cities. And the growth of medical care institutions in Kerala is unparalleled, especially in the backdrop of a population very much aware of health care. Kochi is the centre of all this growth in Kerala.

With the tag of God’s Own Country, medical tourism in Kerala kick-started almost a decade ago. In the last 15 years, the medical industry has grown exponentially in Kerala, with high standards of medical care becoming available within 60-70 kms. So much so that the word corporate healthcare industry has become the mainstay for people’s health in the cities and towns. With advanced treatment facilities now available on par with the rest of the country or equal to some of the well known centres abroad, medical tourism has taken on a roller-coaster ride.

It is the advent of the high profile healthcare industry that has prompted the medical tourism in the State to take better shape. Equipped with state-of-the-art modern facilities, these institutions are the driving force of medical tourism. And the healthcare industry infused with expert hands were waiting for such a miracle to happen in their own land.

Operation Theatres

Our fourth generation Operation theatres are at par with the bests in the world.


There are more than 120 ICU beds for various surgical and medical specialties.

Health & Lifestyle

The fast pace of modern life leaves little time to keep a check on health.

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