Nephrology is the medical speciality that deals with the kidneys, the urinary system and acid base disturbances. We, at RenaiMedicity have all that is required to take care of your kidneys.

Why Renai

The Department of Nephrology accepts patients with any stage of kidney disease and provide complete range of consultative, diagnostic and treatment services. Our preventive nephrology clinic will help in preventing the development and delaying the progression of kidney diseases in chronic lifestyle diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension. We have an experienced renal transplant team with good outcomes. We also perform real time USG guided percutaneous renal biopsies on a day care basis with excellent results and minimal complications (comparable to the best in the world).

Renai Medicity is fully equipped with necessary lab and radiological investigations to determine your renal status. In case you have severe renal failure, we can work you up for reversible factors and correct them. If dialysis is required, we have advanced facilities for safe initiation and maintenance dialysis. Our state-of-the-art dialysis centre is run by experienced staff and nurses with separate machines and segregated wash areas for Hepatitis patients. We also offer percutaneous tunnelled catheter insertions and vascular access in difficult cases with doppler and fluoroscopy guidance. The department also offers CAPD and have facilities for bedside CAPD in patients who are not fit to tolerate anaesthesia.

Our excellent critical care unit is backed by experts round the clock. We have facilities to dialyse critically ill patients (with multi organ failure) in the ICU itself. We do extracorporeal blood purification for patients with severe life threatening sepsis. In addition, we also offer nephrology support to children with kidney diseases and our nephrologists have experience in paediatric dialysis as well. The Department also deals with toxicology (poisoning) and animal bites (including snakes and reptiles) and have facilities including hemoperfusion.

In cases of complicated cases, we offer a team approach with the Nephrologist, Urologist, Intensivist and other specialities taking part in the decision process. All options will be discussed in detail with the patient and we will help you take a decision regarding the treatment option which suits you the best.

Core Competencies

  • Daily Outpatient & inpatient services
  • High quality dialysis round the clock
  • State of the art Fresenius, B Braun and Nipromachines
  • RO water satisfying AAMI standards
  • Dedicated machines and segregated wash areas for Hepatitis patients
  • Bedside dialysis and CRRT for critically ill patients
  • Extra corporeal blood purification therapies for life threatening infections
  • Real time USG guided percutaneous renal biopsies
  • Bedside CAPD by the Nephrologist for very sick patients
  • Vascular access including percutaneous cuffed tunneled catheters and radiology assisted placements in complicated cases
  • State of the art Cath Lab with fistula angiograms, catheter guided thrombolysisand angioplasties
  • Nephrology consultation for Diabetes and Hypertension
  • Paediatric dialysis
  • Critical care nephrology
  • Preventive nephrology
  • Plasmapheresis
  • Toxicology 
  • Renal transplant programme
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