Radiology and imaging has become an essential part of evidence based medicine. Equipped with ultramodern equipment, Renai Medicity has a premium Radiology and Imaging department. Starting from technically advanced 3T MRI and 128 Slice CT scanners (Capable of cardiac imaging), Digital Radiography and computerized Radiography systems for doing routine plain X-Rays and special studies. The department also has several high precision ultrasound and colour Doppler machines and a 3D Tomosynthesis mammographic system. Our team of expert radiologists and staff focuses on blending the latest in radiological technology with specialised expertise and patient care to diagnose and treat our patients.

Why Renai

Renai is a premier institution in the town and the Radiology department has futuristic equipment manned by highly competent technicians and interpreted by experienced and well qualified experts in the field. This department is designed in a highly patient friendly manner with arrangements to reduce patient inconvenience to the minimum. The staff are trained to be efficient at the same time compassionate and empathetic.

Advanced radiology services cover:

  • Neuroradiology & Musculoskeletal imaging
  • Head & Neck imaging
  • Thoracic imaging
  • Cardiac imaging
  • Abdominal imaging – Hepato-biliary, Gastrointestinal and Uro-genital imaging
  • Women’s imaging – Advanced breast imaging (3D tomosynthesis mammography and MRI), obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Paediatrics Imaging
  • Musculoskeletal Imaging
  • Image guided Interventional procedures – Ultrasound & CT guided.
  • Cath lab procedures

High End Imaging Modalities:

High field 3 Tesla MRI:Offers MRI imaging with wide 70 cm bore magnet and all required high resolution coils and fast imaging protocols.

128 Slice CT Scanner: Capable of excellent coronary CT’s, Non invasive cardiac scanning within few seconds, dedicated paediatric imaging protocols, low radiation protocols (80% lesser than others)

3D Tomosynthesis mammogram:Which gives highest accuracy in cancer detection.

Five high end GE E8 and Philips ultrasound machines with all required probes Types of scans performed in CT and MRI department:

Advanced neuroimaging MRI techniques like perfusion, diffusion, spectroscopy, BOLD imaging, DTI with tractography, breast MRI, prostate MRI and cardiac MRI. All high resolution coils for accurate imaging are available with the system.

CT scan is capable of:

Pulmonary CTA, Triple rule-out scans for Acute Chest pain, Spine assessment, Extremity scans with 3D Reconstruction, Abdominal scans – Diagnostic oncology – based CT scans involving multi-phase scanning, e.g. liver (non contrast, arterial, portal, and delayed phase) and kidney (Renal angiography and CT IV Urography).

Chest scans, Paediatric scans, Invasive procedures (CT guided biopsy/FNAC)

Advanced dose reduction features in our CT scanner allow the user to significantly reduce the radiation dose involved in diagnostic oncology CT exams without compromising clinical details. A dedicated low dosage setting is also available for paediatric age group.

An advanced Philips workstation is capable of advanced 3-D reconstruction, virtual endoscopy, virtual bronchoscopy, joint disarticulation etc.

High end Ultrasound Colour Doppler Machines for routine abdomen and pelvis, liver and biliary system, renal and reproductive system, high frequency scan for thyroid, mammosonography, salivary glands, scrotum and testes, Paediatric neurosonography, transvaginal and transrectal sonography. Doppler sonography for abdomen, pregnancy, carotid and peripheral vascular diseases, transplant kidney and impotency. Invasive procedures (USG guided biopsy/FNAC)

3D/4D Obstetric imaging for Targeted scan, Obstetric Anomaly scan, Obstetric Doppler, ovulation monitoring and Fetal Echo imaging. Portable Ultrasound machines for emergency and intensive care patients.

Digital and Computed radiography for Routine and advanced X-ray imaging.

Cath Lab; Digital Cardiac & Vascular imaging with Digital Subtraction Angiography: Vascular and non vascular procedures, Neurological-revascularisation in stroke, biliary system procedures, tumour ablation-TACE and RF methods, Stenting of aorta, IVC, revascularisation, temporary tumour circulation blockage prior to surgery of vascular tumours, vertebroplasty, orthographic procedures etc.

3D Mammography – High resolution 3D tomosynthesis. Fuji system with high resolution monitors for early detection of breast cancer. X-Ray mammography findings can be correlated with high resolution ultrasound scans and MRI .

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