With the numbers of elderly increasing in the society, a healthcare institution is incomplete that does not have a specialty care for the senior citizens.

The medical care for the elderly over 60 has a different dimension. Many symptoms of the elderly need a different scrutiny and a holistic view of the general health needs to be taken. Only when the elderly feel confident about the help they get at the hospital, would they venture out to seek medical help. The hospital has come up with a personalised care system for the elderly.

Besides the doctor’s care they need soothing words and assurances that will go a long way to keep boosting their confidence and faith. Considering their special needs, a Geriatric department will take care of their medical treatments.

There will be different counters to deal with them. A help desk will provide the support in every service they ask for that will help them with their purpose in the hospital. Wheelchair services and other support system like providing a helper if they are alone or guiding them with their appointments or helping them reach the doctor’s OP are also ensured.

Operation Theatres

Our fourth generation Operation theatres are at par with the bests in the world.


There are more than 120 ICU beds for various surgical and medical specialties.

Health & Lifestyle

The fast pace of modern life leaves little time to keep a check on health.

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