I underwent valve replacement surgery. Had a wonderful experience. All sisters are angels. And doctors, I felt God himself came down from heaven. Regarding cleanliness of ICU and patient room, it looks like five star hotel. I thank all the doctors and staff for my successful surgery!

Parvathi parameswaran

I gave birth to extremely premature twin boys on the 7th of January, 2021 who were only of 27+4 weeks in gestational age. This was on the third day of my admission to the hospital post water break and an emergency c-section was performed on me as I had gone into active labour. Dr. Smitha Pratheesh was my gynaecologist and I must especially point out that she was supremely efficient and empathetic. Her swift decisions and actions are worth the special mention. On the first day of my admission itself, my family was taken for an NICU counselling and was presented with a detailed narrative of what would happen if the babies were to be delivered, the time they would have to be in NICU care, an estimate of the expenses etc. After their admission to the NICU, I was encouraged to visit them, to talk to them and give KMC at the earliest. We were permitted to play our voice notes for the babies to listen, all little things that had a big impact on us grieving selves. The doctors were empathetic and extremely understanding of our situation, yet remained very professional. They let us knew all the treatment plans and gave us daily updates on the babies’ situation. Dr. Sakir V. T, Dr. Rani Ameena Bashir, Dr. Suja, Dr. Midhun, Dr. Ejas Rahiman and the rest of the doctors’ team supported us throughout this very difficult phase. When we couldn’t be informed in person, they called us and took our consent on their treatment when the situation warranted it. All the decisions that we took regarding our babies were hundred percent informed. All our doubts were encouraged and were explained in laymen terms, thereby easing our distressed hearts. This wouldn’t be fair if I failed to mention the nursing staff. They were kind beyond words and took care of our little ones with affection. I could witness this first hand; thanks to my multiple visits to the NICU. They had helped me in my feeding journey and consoled me countless times. They ultimately began to feel like family. I was thoroughly taught how to care for my little ones before discharge by these angels. No amount of thanks would be sufficient for how they nurtured our babies. After NICU journeys of 50 plus days, we are home and safe, all thanks to team Renai NICU. Always grateful

Shaima Abdul Vahab

This was my first online doctor’s appointment at Renai Medicity. It was a pleasant experience unlike visiting the hospital for a doctor’s appointment during this pandemic. Everything was arranged and the appointment was fixed without any hassle. Adwaitha and Aswathy were very helpful and courteous. Dr. Joseph John understood my concerns and gave me the right advice with regard to my doubts and misconceptions. Indeed a very positive vibe I had with the online approach. A big thank you to Renai Medicity team especially the aforementioned mentioned medical fraternity.


Writing this on behalf of my entire family, who were beneficiaries of the Renai Covid Home Package. We greatly appreciate the support received from the team at Renai. Dr. Chidambaranath and his team of nurses, the dietician and therapists, who diligently made everyday calls to all the family members on the package. They were approachable, always available and ready to reassure us on the smallest concern. Of course, not to forget the Guest Relation team comprising of Dilna, Yamuna and Neema who helped endlessly in making the coordination and communication with the Doctor and his team seamless and hassle free. We wish to place on record our appreciation for all the effort and support received from Team Renai during these hard times. Thank you! And all the very best!

Lekha Ashok

I live in Kochi and I had a road accident on may 2020. My left foot got crushed; there were multiple bone fractures, tibial nerve, tibial artery and multiple tendons were injured and been cut off. I underwent a reconstructive micro-vascular surgery on the same day at Renai Medicity, Kochi by Dr. Arjun Asokan and his team. I am speechless when I think of Dr. Arjun and his service. Before the surgery he made me understand my condition and the further procedures they were planning to do. And once the surgery is accomplished, he called my name, woke me up and again described what they did and encouraged me before sending me to observation room. The days after accident were really tough for me and I could find relief only when I met my doctor. Most of the times during the wound dressing, I didn’t allow anyone other than Doctor to touch my foot or to remove the gauze/pads because I was so scared if it bleed, but I was sure if he does I won’t get hurt. Because the way he handle his patients is magical and honestly the caring he gave me was priceless. The best thing I found in Dr. Arjun is the way he educate his patients and their family members, hence we get the proper awareness how to take care of our health even after the discharge. For 1 month I was under his treatment and I strongly believe I got the best treatment in town. Even during the physiotherapy he gave advices about the areas/muscles to be strengthened, and told me the don’ts and do’s. He was friendly, empathetic and spared time to listen our concerns and issues without any hesitation. After 4 months I started walking and I don’t know how to express my gratitude to Dr. Arjun Ashokan and Renai Medicity. And I am also grateful to Dr. Arjun’s assistant Sr. Shiny, for her service and compassion. Last week I called her over phone and I became so happy, knowing that she still remembered me. Now it’s been an year and Dr. Arjun still making the follow-ups and checking on my condition very effectively. With no doubt I can tell, he is the best Doctor I have ever seen and I highly recommend him for his skill, experience, patience and caring. I had a speedy recovery and doing perfectly alright. And I am back to work now. Thank you so much Dr. Arjun Asokan, Renai Medicity and all the staffs who supported and helped me.

Aneeta Mathew

Excellent hospital in the heart of the city. My mother recently had her knees replaced here. The cost was much less than that in many super speciality hospitals in Kochi. Good clean rooms, best nursing care, superb ambience, well-behaved staff. I would rate Dr. Rajmohan, Orthopaedician, as one of the best in Kerala. He is friendly, a patient listener, straightforward, and very clear about the treatment plan. He makes sure that one is prescribed the most wallet-friendly medicines. One can get single rooms here at almost half the cost of what many super speciality hospitals charge for a bed in the common ward. Ample parking space near the hospital. Easy access to public transport, including metro.

Harish Iyer

One of the best hospitals I have been indeed. Special thanks for front desk in TMT cardio department in Renai Medicity very attentive and polite and shows respect to the customers. Special thanks to Dr. C Chidamabaranathan for his encouraging words. Canteen: it is very clean than other places. Mostly I’m doing solo everything. So this is a very good experience.

Ahmed Anees

I saw God in my Doctor, Dr. Manoj K Ayyapath saved me through a surgery. He removed a growth in my large intestine. I feel Dr. Ayyapath is a role model of doctors showing professional ethics. He is very friendly, polite and keeps good relationship with the patients and even to the staff too. I pray to God to shower good health to him for many patients to get good services in future.

Raju C.I

Excellent services, great treatment, polite and so friendly nice staffs, especially international desk staffs. Since 2010 I’m visiting to Dr P. Suburamanium, with family and friends. We did a successful spine surgery, he is super and an extraordinary doctor and a FRIEND for patients! Thanks a lot, Dr. P. Suburamaniam and Renai team.

The H Q Maldives

One of the main factors regarding NICU is the positive attitude of Doctors and Nurses. The most satisfactory element is their open minded approach towards parents. The doctors really care for the emotions of each parent. The parents have been given total freedom for asking any questions / doubts related to their babies in NICU and each doubt are cleared transparently and are explained consciously. The care for babies is excellent. We salute the whole team of NICU for their day and night efforts. Best of Luck & God Bless! Thank you

Smitha Rajesh

Renai Medicity is definitely Kochi’s pride. The long quench for quality and affordable Health care is now over. The ambience is like a five star hotel. Spotlessly clean and neat, no usual feel and smell of hospitals. Doctors are really good so are the staffs. General Wards are really beautiful and comfortable. I wish you all success. Thank you

Zabeena Subair

Normally a hospital is the place I try to stay far away from, but at Renai Medicity, I felt more at home rather than being at the hospital. Thank you for the experience.

Ambika Pillai


I would like to convey my deep gratitude for the care and concern your nursing team extended to my father. The nurses that you have are truly dedicated and committed. There are many of them who are so cheerful and are a blessing to the patients who are down and low in spirit. They were caring and concerned to my father. At times, Dad was uncooperative but nurses were patient and never showed a different face. They were always at the door whenever the bell was rung. For us, they were approachable, concerned and was always willing to tell us what we enquired about. My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to each one of them for they are the solace to the patients under their care. You do have a wonderful culture of a truly caring hospital. The fact that there is provision for someone to take care of the bystanders’ needs is great. We were really happy that there was someone to come to our room to enquire about our meals and provided a few snacks with tea and coffee in the evening. God bless each and every one of you for the service you render to the many ailing persons physically and mentally.

Diana Antony

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