I gave birth to extremely premature twin boys on the 7th of January, 2021 who were only of 27+4 weeks in gestational age. This was on the third day of my admission to the hospital post water break and an emergency c-section was performed on me as I had gone into active labour. Dr. Smitha Pratheesh was my gynaecologist and I must especially point out that she was supremely efficient and empathetic. Her swift decisions and actions are worth the special mention. On the first day of my admission itself, my family was taken for an NICU counselling and was presented with a detailed narrative of what would happen if the babies were to be delivered, the time they would have to be in NICU care, an estimate of the expenses etc. After their admission to the NICU, I was encouraged to visit them, to talk to them and give KMC at the earliest. We were permitted to play our voice notes for the babies to listen, all little things that had a big impact on us grieving selves. The doctors were empathetic and extremely understanding of our situation, yet remained very professional. They let us knew all the treatment plans and gave us daily updates on the babies’ situation. Dr. Sakir V. T, Dr. Rani Ameena Bashir, Dr. Suja, Dr. Midhun, Dr. Ejas Rahiman and the rest of the doctors’ team supported us throughout this very difficult phase. When we couldn’t be informed in person, they called us and took our consent on their treatment when the situation warranted it. All the decisions that we took regarding our babies were hundred percent informed. All our doubts were encouraged and were explained in laymen terms, thereby easing our distressed hearts. This wouldn’t be fair if I failed to mention the nursing staff. They were kind beyond words and took care of our little ones with affection. I could witness this first hand; thanks to my multiple visits to the NICU. They had helped me in my feeding journey and consoled me countless times. They ultimately began to feel like family. I was thoroughly taught how to care for my little ones before discharge by these angels. No amount of thanks would be sufficient for how they nurtured our babies. After NICU journeys of 50 plus days, we are home and safe, all thanks to team Renai NICU. Always grateful

Shaima Abdul Vahab

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