Department of Laboratory Medicine at Renai Medicity offers diagnostic and wellness services, hospital lab management, preventive health checkup, corporate and wellness solutions.

Why Renai

The lab follows QC measures under ISO, NABH and NABL Guidelines. The Lab information system is linked to hospital information system to provide error free flow of results to concerned department. Lab is equipped with high end automated machines and operates 24×7 whole through the year. The staff includes Pathologists, Biochemists, Microbiologists, Lab technicians and office assistants who are experienced and dedicated to deliver good quality and timely test reports so that diagnostic and treatment part of patients is well taken care of.

Biochemistry and Immunology

The department is equipped with futuristic auto analysers for testing an array of biochemical and immunological assays. With hormone studies, we support endocrinology department and fertility centre at Renai and also cater to prenatal maternal screening study. Working round the clock are well qualified and experienced staff. Stringent quality measures are in place to ensure timely and accurate reports.

Haematology and Clinical Pathology

Routine and special tests on specimens like blood, body fluids, stool and semen are done on automated haematology, coagulation and urine analysers. All equipments directly interfaced with HIS Automation minimises errors, standardises test analysis and increases accuracy and expedites reporting of results.

Blood bank

The department has state of art facilities, trained staff and operates round the clock to provide timely and adequate transfusion support to all clinical departments. Our services include

  • Blood collection and screening for infectious diseases by electrochemiluminescence method.
  • Component preparation – components available are leucoreduced and prepared by automated blood component separator.
  • Immunohaematology – Advanced gel based technology is used for grouping and cross matching. Antibody screening is done for all antenatal cases, newborns and incase of transfusion reactions.
  • Monitoring of antibody levels by coombs titration is also done in our lab.

We strive to provide quality services to all our patients.


Histopathology and Cytopathology is the examination of biological tissues and cells to study microscopic changes in detail. Tests like Biopsy, FNAC, LBC, IHC and Special stains are done. Department is equipped with automated tissue processor . Staffs are skilled and dedicated to submit quality sections for microscopy to provide accurate diagnosis of specimens from various departments. We follow stringent quality protocols.


The department of Clinical Microbiology offers sophisticated diagnostic services in Bacteriology, Infectious Serology, Mycology and Mycobacterilogy.

The laboratory facilities include automated blood culture system, automated microbial identification and susceptibility system, automated as well as semi automated infectious serology systems. The tests are performed based on stringent quality protocols, to ensure accuracy and rapid turnaround time.

The department provides crucial support to the infection control department. Surveillance is done for high risk areas in the hospital. It also works along with the antimicrobial stewardship programme in the hospital. Antibiograms are prepared periodically and the antimicrobial resistance data is reported and maintained.

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